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Comic Con 2012 - Mattel Exclusive Toys

The 2012 San Diego Comic Convention (aka Comic Con) doesn’t start until July 12th.  However, while its still a few months away, its already making headlines.  Mattel has released some details, and pictures, of some of its 2012 SDCC exclusive toys, limited editions that can only be purchased at the convention (or on Ebay for a massive markup…).  Thanks for Idle Hands for originally posting the story.  Anyway, take a look…

Polly Pocket DC Comics Villains Set ($19.99)

Polly Pocket Harley Quinn

Polly Pocket Catwoman

Polly Pocket Poison Ivy

DC Comics Death ($25)

DC Comics Vertigo Death

Disney Cars Mater ($30)

Disney Mater

Ghostbusters Dana Barrett as Zuul ($25)

Dana Barrett as Zuul

He-Man / Vykron 1982 Prototype ($30)

He-Man Vykron

DC Comics Tiny Titans Set ($20)

DCU Tiny Titans

For all the latest 2012 San Diego Comic Con news, be sure to keep it tuned to this website.  All for now. is the very best PORN BLOG on the planet. This is our official Tumblr. You're welcome, Internet.

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